Sunday, September 13, 2009

Announcing the arrival of Theodore David on September 2nd!

Teddy's first Sunday at church.

4 days old

With Nathanael, just after we got home from the birth centre.
So Teddy is still less than a day old in this picture.

We are very excited to announce the safe arrival of our little Teddy. :-) The labour went very well, lasting only 3 1/2 hours (or about 6 hours after my water breaking). My midwife did a wonderful job supporting us throughout the labour and birth. A much different experience from Nathanael's birth 3 years ago.
So far Teddy is a very easy baby. He seems to have a very laid back personality in contrast to Nathanael's more intense one. Which will be good as they grow up together. :-) Nathanael already loves his little brother, and enjoys getting to hug, kiss and hold him.
I will probably not be able to post on this blog as often now, as we concentrate on enjoying Teddy's newborn days, but I will try to post new photos, etc. now and then. :-)


Anonymous said...

Legendary! Cutest baby ever. But I would say that.

(Yes, this is Ben.)

Candy said...

I couldnt be happier for you all!!!
How wonderful Jessica!
Love & big hugs,
He is so cute!!! And LOVE his cute name!!!!! :):)

mel said...

He is super cute!! Congratulations to all of you!!

Ali said...

Hello Jess, just wanted to stop by and see if you had had your little bundle yet and you have. A huge congratulations to you all. He is adorable. How good it feels to have them in our arms hey? All the best with him sweety and you take care won't you? Ali

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, congratulations Jessica! A wonderful new addition to the family indeed.
Thanks for popping by my blog. I couldn't find an email address for you anywhere so I hope you don't mind me responding to your question about the baby pillow here? I am about to list them on my website for $25AUD and $7 for postage. Email me if you would like me to hold one of them for you.
Kathryn. XX