Thursday, August 20, 2009

The newest "Peter Rabbit" projects. :-)

These are the Peter Rabbit bumper pads I've been working on. I still actually have the last long side to finish, but I ran out of ribbon for the ties. And the side of the crib isn't back on yet, anyway.

A lovely friend of mine who loves Beatrix Potter things as much as I do, gave me this cute frieze for the boys' room. :-) Nathanael loves it.

My friend, Melissa, gave me this Peter Rabbit print, which I put in a white, ornate frame I had on hand. I think it adds a nice touch to the entrance of the room. :-)
Things are going pretty well in these last days/weeks of my pregnancy. Although I found out at 29 weeks along that I have gestational diabetes, I've been able to control my blood sugar levels very well with diet. So, other than not being able to eat some things I crave, it shouldn't be a problem for me or the baby.
I am now 36 weeks along, and since Nathanael was born at 36 1/2 weeks, I am prepared for going into labour anytime from now on. Haha I am finishing up a lot of last minute projects and chores around the house that I want done before the new arrival. I guess it must be "nesting"! Haha
I'm so thankful that we live in a lovely, bright house for this baby's arrival. When Nathanael was born we were renting a house (while looking for one to buy) that was old, dark and dusty. Ben calls it "The Bat Cave". Haha The darkness made me feel depressed after the birth, and I think contributed to Nathanael having a bad case of jaundice.
Sorry, I don't have an updated side shot of pregnant me. Hopefully I will be able to post one before the baby is born. :-)


Eileen said...

A very happy, exciting, anticipatory time!
I hope all goes well for you!
The nursery looks bright and cheerful, a happy home to welcome your newborn!
I love the Peter Rabbit motif, you did a wonderful job!
Wishing you and your family all the best,

Anonymous said...

frieze??? what does that mean? haha

Cute. :D


Jessica said...


It's kind of like a border. You can see it the picture. :-)The packaging said it was a frieze. It didn't have paste or anything on the back like a border would.


Candy-Faith said...

Everything looks lovely :)

I answered your question in my comment section but I will tell you here too :) that I got my slipcovers from Ikea on clearance for $5 each!!! Lucky break that was becaue Ive never had a great deal like that better. Normally they are $45 each!

Candy :)

Inn Country said...

wow! the room looks beautiful I love the colour of the walls well done you have created a lovely room for your little one.
I also love Peter Rabbit when I was doing my roon for my youngest son I have a winnie the poo room but the vintage kind all soft pastel colours as it would have been perfect for a boy or girl. have a beautiful day Lisa.

Ali said...

so pleased to meet you Jessica, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. All the best with your new little one as well. We decked out our first baby's nursery in Peter Rabbit and it was really sweet. You take care won't you and enjoy every moment with the ones you love? ox Ali
PS. All the best with the birth too, take one contraction at a time and TRY and RELAX. ox

Melissa Searle said...

All your projects are cute! :) I especially like the bumper pads. Hehe Speaking of which, i didnt win those ones on ebay, so now i have to look for new ones! Bah!!!!
Praying for you, as your delivery comes closer. Hope it all goes well. :) Love,