Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Decorating the hallway with my latest "finds".

This table and mirror came from a discount home wares store ( Home Art). It is the perfect size for the wider area at the start of our hallway. And it camouflages the outlet for our ducted vacuum system. :-)
I just found this beautiful lace at a local coffee/cafe and gift shop. I love it because it has an antique look to it, and is so soft and drapey.

My friend, Melissa, spotted this pitcher and bowl set in a thrift shop window for only $5! Of course, I went in and bought it. :-) The doily was also a thrift shop find about a year ago.

A close up of the lace detailing.


Eileen said...

All so beautiful! Nice finds!
I'm especially coveting the doilies! I have a weakness for those!
Nice post!

Anonymous said...

I like! Your decorating abilites are amazing.
I love you!
Your littlest sister

Antique Rose Designs said...

Sorry haven't visited for a while I have been busy with orders. I love all your finds and that hall stand is gorgeous. Take care Carol