Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tour of Our Home- the Bathroom and Toilet Room

Here in Australia, most newer houses have a seperate bathroom and toilet room. So the bathroom has a bath, shower and sink/vanity, but no toilet. That's how our house is, too. :-)
I love "my" pink, romantic bathroom! Ben almost always uses the ensuite bathroom in our bedroom. So this one is basically mine, Nathanael's and of course the guests'. :-)


The Old Painted Cottage said...

I just discovered your blog today, and I'm so glad I did. Beautiful bathroom by the way!


Sue Jackson said...

Hi Jessica,
Great bathroom and I love the photos of your baby. Thanks for the comment on my blog about "gays". It is a subject in life I think will always have people on different sides. I think for me, having my sister and some friends being gay, I see what they go through daily in our world. I believe God loves us all, regards if we are gay or straight, black or white, etc. Take care, Sue

Jessica said...

Of course God loves everyone and wants to see them come to Him for salvation. But since he is a holy God, he cannot allow sin into heaven. We must repent of our sins to be saved.
Homosexuality is a sin. People are not born "gay" as they are born black, white, etc. It is a choice.

Carolyn said...

Hi Jessica,
That is such a pretty bathroom
I enjoyed the peek at the rest of your lovely home as well.Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you can make it to P.E.I. someday as well.
Take care,

Candy said...
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